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Pro Shop Patience

As you may or may not know, the tee sheet system here at Briardale Greens is very dependent on computer technology.  When working properly, technology can be very beneficial.  It can expedite a process and reward us when it is running efficiently.    With your help and information, our tee sheet can track how much you’ve played, programs that you’ve enrolled in and other general information.  Not only is this information beneficial to us, it can be very rewarding for all of our greatly appreciated customers.  Our Rewards system does just that.  With the information provided by you, it keeps track of every dollar you spend on greens fees.  For every dollar spent, a point is earned.  When you earn up to 200 points, you will receive a voucher of $10 off your next round! 

While technology can be a huge benefit when working properly, sometimes it fails.  This can cause a delay in a process that can last for a few minutes or even days.  Once in a while our system may have a hiccup, resulting in long lines in the pro shop.   In this case, patience can be very rewarding, while our staff attends to the issue.  I would like to share a story that happened not too long ago.

The story takes place on one of those above average March days, and the time was just after the average working hours when everybody wants to get that first good round in after work.  With customers pouring through the doors at a steady rate, the computer decides to take a little vacation and stop running efficiently.  It took a few minutes to reset the system and correct the problem, but it only takes a few minutes for a significant line to start forming as well.  This is when patience can benefit you, my friends.  With the system up and running, and my apologies, I swiftly get the line moving again.  I reach a customer that doesn’t want to provide me with any information, just wants to throw me his greens fees and go.  I calmly ask him for his name so that I can link his purchase to his rewards card.  His response was, “I don’t want to do all that right now, I just want to pay and get out there”.  Again, I calmly asked for his name.  This time he was willing to provide me with this information, while at the same time giving me the exact amount for his greens fee and walking out the door.  When I was through ringing up his round, a $10 reward was generated for him.  He walked away from $10.

This is a perfect example of when patience can be rewarding.  Our staff strives to make every transaction run as smooth as possible so you can enjoy more of your time out on the course.  So please, if technology ever fails on us, we truly appreciate your patience.  Who knows, maybe it will pay off… literally!