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Lightning Safety on the Course

A tree at Briardale Greens near the #3 tee box was recently struck by lightning during a thunderstorm that came through the area. As you can see in the photo, the tree bark was blown off the tree in multiple areas as a result of the lightning strike. A single lightning bolt can generate a temperature of about 54,000 degrees or 6 times the surface of the sun.

Golf courses are known as danger areas during a thunderstorm because of many wide open areas and being scattered with individual trees. Also the fact that the game of golf is played with objects that are metal and increase the potential for a lightning strike. Please follow these simple Lightning Safety Tips to minimize the risk of a lightning strike

Avoid – Solitary trees, Small rain and sun shelters, Large open areas, Wet areas, Elevated areas, All metal objects including; Golf Clubs, Golf Cars, Fences, Electrical and Maintenance Machinery, and Powerlines.

Seek – Large Permanent Buildings, Fully enclosed Metal Vehicles, Dense are of Trees and Bushes, and Lowest Elevation Area.